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HD Supplement

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Preworkout ULTRA

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Intra Workout EAAs+

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Essential Health

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Didoshak Tee –

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Didoshak Tee –

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Didoshak Tee –

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About your Personal trainer

I’m 33 years old. Born and raised Coquitlam BC Canada.
Grew up playing very competitive sports, soccer baseball, with
hockey being my priority.

At the age of 20 I purchase my first gym membership and
immediately fell in love with training and how the human body
functions. Ever since I’ve had a burning desire to push the
limits of what my own body is capable of…


Success stories

Ahmed "My dream has always been to become a firefighter. I had been struggling with some of the firefighter physical tests prior to training with Stephen. But 6 months after I started training with him I was able to easily pass one of the physical tests that I had been struggling with. I had improved my strength and conditioning way beyond my expectations. And exactly 1 year after I started training with him I landed my dream job! Words can’t explain how grateful I am for Stephen as I couldn’t have done this without his consistent support and commitment. "
Jeordie "After working with Stephen, I dropped a lot of unnecessary weight, got in way better condition and vastly improved my diet and training. It's been just about a year and a half since starting with Stephen and I have not missed any time in the gym at all. I plan to keep working with Stephen, and I have also found Stephen to be completely accessible for any type of questions and very willing to share what he knows."
Kyle "I’ve been a client of Stephen Didoshak for almost 2 years now! He helps me to get to a point where I was living a healthy lifestyle and loving it. After seeing a few local bodybuilding shows I got the “itch” to compete, I approached Didoshak about this and he was excited to hear that I wanted to try bodybuilding. We worked towards that goal for several months and finally done our first show - the Vancity Showdown, where we took three 2nd place trophies. I couldn’t be more happier, he’s a great coach who has been by my side through my whole bodybuilding journey!"

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